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Hiroshima Nagasaki Commemoration

The Hiroshima/Nagasaki Commemoration on August 6th at Alton Baker Park is an annual event organized by a community group of concerned citizens of Eugene/Springfield for peace and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. It commemorates the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan in 1945.

Each year in Hiroshima, Japan, the city’s mayor delivers a Peace Declaration, calling for the elimination of nuclear weapons from our planet and the creation of lasting world peace.

This year, a video of Mayor Matsui delivering this Peace Declaration in English has been distributed so that his message of peace may reach farther and wider around the globe. Watch this moving video here.

A Hiroshima Peace Tree was planted in Alton Baker Park in Eugene, Oregon on August 6, 2019. Watch the video here. There is also an interactive map showing all peace tree locations planted in Oregon.

Additionally, you can read this Feb. 2024 newsletter  from One Sunny Day and learn more about their work with Oregon Community Trees and the Urban and Community Forestry team of Oregon Department of Forestry, and the Oregon Peace Tree Project. 

This is the culmination of the work of the committee that organizes an annual commemoration of the bombing of Hiroshima Nagasaki in Eugene.

For more information about the peace tree, see the work of Green Legacy Hiroshima Initiative and One Sunny Day Initiative.



7:00 pm  Taiko Drumming Eugene Taiko 

7:15 pm   MC Bob Watada, Michael Carrigan 

7:20 pm  Prayer to Ancestors Reverend Mark Unno  Sound healing composition Michelle Klemens

7:25 pm  Representative Nancy Nathanson 

7:30 pm  Mayor Lucy Vinis Peace Message 

7:40 pm  Message from Hiroshima Mayor read by Mike Takahashi

7:45 pm  Yujun Gakuen Children’s Peace Choir Kami Hendrix

8:00 pm  Acknowledgement of Event Sponsors:

  – Asian American Council of Oregon 

  – Japanese American Association of Lane County 

  – Community Alliance of Lane County 

  – and special acknowledgment to Yujin Gakuen  (Children’s Peace Choir) 

8:05 pm  Call to Action Michael Carrigan 

8:10 pm  Obon Dance Susie Yamamoto Barton 

8:30 pm  Procession to Lantern Ceremony (led by Eugene Taiko)

8:35 pm  Lantern Floating Ceremony (guitar by Buck Mueller)

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